My name is Nick Mohindra. I am a general practitioner who qualified in Edinburgh in 1969, which means my journey in dentistry has spanned almost fifty years. It has been a roller coaster of a journey which has sometimes taken me to the giddy heights of excitement and exhilaration, occasionally  to the depths of despair and disillusionment, and with some run of the mill stuff in between. I would humbly like to share the conclusions I have come to, because I think they may provide the foundations for a new approach to dentistry, and hopefully help practitioners to address the issues they encounter daily in their clinics.I would say I started to think outside the box while trying to treat TMD patients. Ultimately, this was to lead  to a treatment modality to address and delay the signs of facial ageing, but the journey involved trying to look in an innovative way at all the basic problems we have to address in dentistry: perio, bruxism, occlusion, orthodontics.

One of the problems of an innovative approach is the gathering of evidence to provide a solid scientific foundation. The remarkable achievements of science over the last 400 years have been due to the independence of the scientific discipline. I believe this independence is being threatened by financial motives. It goes without saying that achieving funding can be a major challenge for a general practitioner.

I would love to see the Oralift Academy grow to a stage where unbiased research could be funded. A tall task, I know, but my ultimate aim is for a portion of the income from the Oralift Academy to be devoted to such a fund. Initially, the Oralift Academy will provide courses. The first available course will be on Oralift Facial Rejuvenation. This will be followed by a course on making dentures for edentulous patients Another aim of the Academy is to provide a forum for discussions and new ideas… an Academy for the thinking dentists of the future!

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